YOUR favorite color reveals a lot about your personality – from how people perceive you, to where you’d like to live, to whether you’d try an extreme activity like skydiving.

On TikTok, the user ItsMeFuzz shares fun facts, personality quizzes, and staggering optical illusions to over 110k followers.


TikTok star ItsMeFuzz shared the personality test to their 110k followersCredit: tiktok/@itsme.fuzz


If you love blue, you’re probably known for being peaceful and trustworthyCredit: tiktok/@itsme.fuzz

The content creator walked viewers through the rainbow and explained what your favorite color says about your personality.

If you like bright, bold red, your life probably corresponds to the vibrant color.

“This means you probably like excitement and action,” the TikTok creator explained.

“But it also means that people can see you as intimidating,” he added.

Meanwhile, if blue is your favorite, you’re probably a little more chill.

“This means that you’re probably very peaceful and trustworthy,” he explained. “You’re known for your loyalty.”

Yellow indicates “you probably like warmer weather,” which may seem obvious.

And if the sunny color is your favorite, you probably also “like to spread positivity with others.”

Finally, according to the TikTok user, if black is your favorite color, you’re “bold and unique.”

Just like The Matrix, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or any celebrity streetwear pics would have you believe, if your closet is full of all-black clothes, “you’re probably a risk-taker.”

Some viewers took to the comments to agree with the personality assessment, but others claimed the quiz wasn’t totally accurate.

“Bro I am 4 foot 2,” said one viewer whose favorite color was red. “No one is scared of me.”

“I love black but I’m not a risk-taker,” another commenter chimed in.

With only four colors included in the video, there are some mysteries yet to be solved.

Fans of pink, purple, orange, green, white or anything else on the color wheel were left in the dark.

“Here’s the real question,” one perplexed viewer …….


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