World Mental Health Day: In conversation with a Psychology Professor. –

Every year on October 10, World Mental Health day is celebrated to spread awareness and educate people on the topic of mental health globally. This day is also marked to educate people about the stigma related to mental health issues. On this occasion, CitySpidey had an interview with Psychology Professor of Delhi University, Itisha Nagar.

The conversation started with the theme of this year which was- ‘Mental health in an unequal world’. The professor shared her point of view on this year’s theme and explained how our mental stability is affected due to a variety of differences in the world, but we all are in some or other trouble. She said, “The theme of this year asks us to focus on social inequalities, and if we live in a more equal world, we will live in a more physically and mentally healthier world”.

Further the professor discussed the number of mental illnesses such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, OCD have rapidly increased due to the tensed situations around us. She supported her words with WHO statement that even if they are able to control the situation of  pandemic, the aftermath of the pandemic will be a mental disorder’s pandemic due to the loss and crisis people are facing today.

Nagar also commented on one of the best qualities of human  beings by mentioning, “We can bend but not always break when it comes  to emotions and that is why we adapt and change as species, as people  or as community.”

Conversation took an interesting turn when day to day issues were discussed such as management of anger, how much stress is really good, normalisation of asking for help and how to cope up children’s  anxiety. One of the solutions which the professor shared was accepting and understanding the situation and then dealing with it accordingly.


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