A psychology professor at San Diego Mesa College has become quite an internet sensation after several of her TikTok videos debunking misinformation about mental health went viral on social media.

Inna Kanevsky, PhD, who began posting psychology lessons on the video-sharing app to adapt to online learning, often goes the extra mile to point out any misinformation being spread on the platform.

In a fun and quirky manner, the behaviour expert tries to call out every false claim being spread about psychological behaviours and habits, and often roasts those who are using the platform to spread misinformation.

Watch the video here:

“You shouldn’t say ‘according to science’ when it isn’t. You shouldn’t say ‘studies show’ when there are no studies. Lying is unattractive,” she can be heard in one of the many videos she has shared on her social media account. The professor even presents proof in the form of various studies and theories to support her claims.

According to CBS 8, Kanevsky, who has been teaching psychology for over 20 years, has no qualms calling out the fake “facts” being shared on the social media platform. “My field is often misunderstood,” Kanevsky told the news website.

Talking to the news website, Kanevsky shared that she started posting videos for her students last summer. “I started doing it and would send it to my students and it was my best summer class,” Kanevsky said. However, it was after she debunking misinformation posts on the platform that her videos started gaining traction. “People started tagging me and showing me and once I started addressing that, it was no stopping,” Kanevsky added.

Her colourful outfits and comedic approach in the videos is what has built her fan base, with some of the videos garnering over 14 million views.

Source: https://indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-globally/psychology-professor-debunks-misinformation-on-tiktok-7510538/

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