Why are some people so bad at texting back? Experts weigh in on why bad texters exist, and how not to take it too personally. (Photo: Getty Creative)

For many of us, texting is our primary form of communication. It’s a quick way to schedule a plan, get an opinion on a paint color and even just vent about our latest life annoyance. But not everyone is so keen on texting. You may know the type: They’re the ones who wait days, if not longer, before responding to your message — and, once they do, it’s with a simple “K.” These so-called “bad texters” often drive those who do enjoy texting as a means of communication crazy — mostly because, when someone doesn’t respond to texts the way we would, we’re unsure about their intentions.

Photographer Megan Moore is one such person who doesn’t respond right away to texts. “[My friends and family] used to think that I didn’t want to talk to them at all, that I just didn’t want to be friends. I always did want friends, but I have just always preferred calling or seeing people in person.”

Moore said she sometimes tries to change her texting habits, explaining, “Some days, I decide that I want to be ‘better’ at it, so I will go through all of my unread messages, some of which date months back, and I will religiously reply to each one. I am then so mentally drained by the end of that day because I will instantly receive replies back from everyone, which means that I could be sending around thirty messages a day, which is a lot for me. Then, because I am so drained, I avoid my phone the next day, and the cycle begins again.”

Chloe Choe, who’s a software engineer in Southern California, says it’s her busy schedule and preferred communication style that keeps her from responding back — and she has no interest in changing that.

“I don’t particularly desire to get ‘better’ at texting because I feel like everyone has busy schedules that they need to tend to,” she says. “I’m always quick to respond to urgent matters and am usually considered a bad texter for many small talk conversations, which I’d much rather have in person.”

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Source: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/bad-texter-psychology-192812832.html

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