There is an overabundance of things to write about this week. Sometimes the hardest part of writing this column is to narrow it down. There is a difference between being active in the market and actually having a feel for what’s going on and just looking at market reports and getting an idea of what’s happening from black and white numbers

First thing I should mention is I am finally on an episode of Working Cows podcast. In this episode Clay and I discuss the power of mindset. I share some stories how a negative thought screwed me out of achieving success, and how a positive thought lead me to success

I begin every one of my marketing schools with a short psychology lesson. It is always fun for me to read the room while I do this. A room full of cattle producers don’t necessarily care to hear a talk about their paradigms, feelings, and thoughts. As I continue, I give real life examples of how this transfers directly into our everyday professional lives, and how it leads to success.

The body language changes from slumping down in their chairs with arms folded to leaning forward listening with intent. There is always a fairly high percentage of people that have been through my classes that will email or call later and tell me that the psych lesson may have been the most important part.

Getting past the negativity

Speaking of past marketing school participants, I have heard from quite a few this week. The energy in those calls was very high. Every conversation had one thing in common reflective of what I experienced this week. There is an overabundance of negativity surrounding the cattle markets. I asked them if the guys complaining bought any cattle. The answers ranged from none, to not very many.

These past students of mine were in a great mood. They have been selling some cattle and replacing at a profit. Markets are fun when you’re making money. Maybe a more accurate statement would be: Markets are fun when you know how to generate positive cash flow.

The trades these people successfully executed were in many different states, with different weights and types of cattle. I heard of selling and replacing different types of breeding stock. …….


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