VOICE OF THE PEOPLE: Governance by reverse psychology – Imperial Valley Press

I’ve finally figured out the Biden/Democrat strategy of governing. It’s “reverse psychology.”

Why else would you extract your troops from Afghanistan before retrieving your military hardware and evacuating the civilian population? To confuse your adversary, of course.

Why else would you want to defund the police while the neighborhoods are under siege and burning? To confuse the opposition, of course.

Why else would you cancel all contracts to construct a border wall while hordes of undocumented immigrants are coming north from Central and South America attempting to cross southern border? To confuse immigrants, right?

Yup, it must be reverse psychology. I’m just not sure it’s gonna work. Call me a skeptic.

—John Baker, El Centro

Source: https://www.ivpressonline.com/open/voice-of-the-people-governance-by-reverse-psychology/article_b0f1c424-2eda-11ec-9934-e74a8bb88bf3.html

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