UAE: More students look to study psychology after Covid-19 – Khaleej Times

Pupils also show interest in computer science, other IT-related subjects due to work and study-from-home culture

Students in the UAE are increasingly opting for psychology to get into the counselling profession following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, say education consultants.

In addition, a good number of pupils have also shown keen interest in computer science and other IT-related subjects due to work and study-from-home culture after the pandemic.

“I have noticed that a lot of girls are looking for psychology, which is really inspiring for me, and Covid-19 can be one of the factors for pupils choosing this subject as a career to offer counselling services because a lot of people have been suffering from depression and other mental-health related challenges,” said Greta Carlson, recruitment officer at Canadian University in Dubai.

Bhakti Reen, admission manager at Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai Campus, says subjects such as data science engineering, cybersecurity and IT-related fields are in demand among students.

“We also recently introduced applied psychology programme and data science engineering and both are doing immensely well,” she said during an interview on the sidelines of the two-day KT UniExpo exhibition, which began on Thursday. Thousands of students across the UAE visited the exhibition to meet with university officials and education counsellors on the first day at Conrad Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Reen added that Covid-19 can become part of medicine, pharmacy and psychology subjects in the coming years.

“Covid-19 is a global issue and could be incorporated for case studies, research and discussions in classrooms.”

Nella Basco, admission manager at Curtin University Dubai, also echoed Reen’s comments, saying there is a demand for psychology from students because a lot of working professionals have started working from home and are actually seeking some counselling and advice.

“I think there would be greater demand for psychology, going forward.”

Rora Buenaluz, student recruitment coordinator at the American University in Dubai, stated that psychology is one of the most popular programmes, aside from business and engineering. “Students are keen to choose psychology because after Covid-19, people are facing more mental health issues, and students are looking going into counselling profession,” added Buenaluz.

Speaking on the sidelines of the KT UniExpo, Yazan Shaikh, assistant marketing manager at …….


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