Thriving Center of Psychology is a mental health platform for people who are seeking therapy by therapists who are well trained, personable, compassionate, and utilize only evidence-based treatments.

Our Process:
The Team: Every Thriving Center of Psychology therapist is vetted through an interview process by senior Thriving Licensed Clinical Psychologists to make sure that they meet all qualifications.

The Matchmaker: Our 5-minute questionnaire is designed to help guide our client coordinators in putting you in front of the therapist that best fits your needs.

The Fit: We don’t believe matching should be only an automated process. Our team will walk you through your matches and discuss why a potential therapist is a right fit for you.

The Confidence: We know therapy is an investment and we’d like you to feel confident in the therapist you choose to invest in. This is why every client is offered a free 15-minute consultation so you can feel assured you’re getting what you need.


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