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It’s widely acknowledged that there’s great therapeutic value in writing – many people write to find out what they think about the world, or, as Chuck Palahuniuk puts it, to use writing as ‘a tool to resolve psychologically what you can’t resolve physically’.

Yet, despite these benefits, there are psychological barriers to writing. The enormity of the task, which in the thrilling early stages of writing might feel manageable, gradually reveals itself as a significant obstacle. It requires resilience and time to overcome – to persevere and get that draft finished, and for this reason, many people with the talent to write a novel so often give up.

This masterclass with multi-award winning writer Tim Lott will dig into the fundamentals of writing psychology, such as what the main barriers that stop people from persevering are, as well as how you can overcome them to keep on going.

Aimed at all aspiring writers, the emphasis of this course is to face up to that blank sheet of paper and begin the gentle jog towards the first checkpoint, under the guidance of one of the best writers and coaches in the business.

This course is for …

Course content

  • The personality of the writer

  • How to gain emotional and practical support for your writing

  • Overcoming guilt

  • How to stay motivated

  • Confidence

  • Fear

  • Endurance

  • Getting in touch with your unconscious self

  • How to be honest with yourself and honest about other people – and why this is not as easy as it sounds

The writer’s toolkit is a masterclass series with award-winning novelist Tim Lott. Designed to give aspiring writers the tools they need to produce their best work, classes are available to book individually or as a pair.

You will be sent a link to the webinar 2hrs before the start time of 6.30pm (…….


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