The psychology of leadership: what we can learn from Volodymyr Zelensky – Amana Walker – NationalWorld

Ukraine’s President Zelensky has inspired his people and moved the world with his response to an immensely challenging situation, writes Amana Walker

President Zelensky is doing what we rarely see in the world today; a leader, leading from the front

We can’t escape the news about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And we shouldn’t try to – there’s so much we can learn by looking at the actions of one man.

The world can see that war is about far more than tanks and weapons, it’s about something more powerful: the psychology of Leadership.

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Now, no one is laughing because in this role he has found his calling.

He is so passionate about his country and fellow countrymen that he refuses to be whisked away to safety, choosing instead to remain in his homeland and doing whatever it takes to stop Vladimir Putin taking what doesn’t belong to him.

Zelensky believes that if he is asking all the eligible men in his country to stay and fight, he must – and wants to – be one of them. He is doing what we rarely see in the world today; a leader, leading from the front.

This president is going nowhere.

He is an engaging, heartfelt speaker who inspires his people to stand up and be counted, and he has the ability to move anyone anywhere in the world to tears in support of him and his country. He’s been put in an impossible position – he didn’t instigate or want a war- and we can’t help but empathise. We’re all with him.

But Vladimir Putin’s heels are well and truly dug in. You can’t reason with a dictator who appears hell-bent on annexing an entire sovereign nation.

This is a man who is hiding his insecurity behind bravado. He is laser-focused on getting what he wants and will never accept defeat. Unlike Zelensky, he doesn’t care for the loss of lives – he’s too far removed from …….


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