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With the Valentine’s Day in sight, let’s focus on something that ignites even more vehement feelings in one’s heart. No, it’s not your love for cakes; I am talking about breakups. And just like where there is conflict there are Messi and Ronaldo fans, where there is breakup, there are breakup songs. And for years, people have turned to breakup songs whenever they needed something to sooth their bleeding heart because let’s face it, antiseptics weren’t useful in that case.

Why do we like breakup songs?
Most breakup songs will make you even more sad, but if something makes us sad then why do we like it? Curious, isn’t it?
Why do we take a shower in the rain knowing that it will probably get us sick? At the bottom of it all, it’s the feeling of the moment that takes priority in our mind. Just like we enjoy the feeling of rain drops on our skin at that particular moment, we enjoy the songs at that given time because it feels like someone is saying exactly what you are feeling inside. And humans are very prone to like something that they can relate to; whether it is good or bad. This is exactly why you see the face of your girlfriend in the clouds. This is also the reason you feel elated to know that a certain celebrity likes the same brand of cereal that you do even though it has no effect on your life whatsoever.
Why do you think we have this insatiable need of opening a Facebook group for every little thing? It’s so we can relate to other people. Similarly, when the breakup song spells out that broken feeling you have inside, it feels like you can relate to it and that’s why consciously or unconsciously we adopt a preference to it.
Because of their tones, lyrics and themes, breakup songs are able to engage us emotionally, which is more important than being happy. Sometimes breakup songs can point out directions for improving your current situation if you feel like the singer is singing about your point of view. For many, this can be the turning point.  

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The effects of breakup songs
Sometimes breakup songs were introduced to …….


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