September has been another month filled with trend discovery at Tailify. Here are three of our favorites, with our take on why they’ve been so successful.

Trend 1: Quiet Please!

Struggling to focus? These students have been creating live Do Not Disturb videos to help them study. With exams dawning, students have taken to recreating the classroom experience online by broadcasting their studying live. In these livestreams silence is golden, and phones are transformed into notification-free invigilators, monitoring and streaming the student’s hard work to followers and newcomers alike. It’s a great reason to put down that phone and free yourself from distractions. But what else might be driving this behavior, and could it actually improve motivation?

Delayed gratification

Revising is so tough because it feels so far away from its reward – that top mark you’re seeking.

Good grades require months and months of quiet preparation. And there’s no fanfare after every study session – just the slight, private recognition that way off in the future, you might get the grade that makes it all worthwhile. Broadcasting your study sessions, on the other hand, is a way of gaining social approval every time you sit down to work. It makes the reward more immediate – instant, in fact – and lays out a steady trail of ‘emotional power-ups’ all the way to that final grade. So study success doesn’t have to wait until results day; it’s there the moment you drop the pen.

Public commitment

A good way to reach a goal is to let everybody know what it is you’re trying to achieve. This way, you’ll be held publicly accountable for failure – and socially pressured into success. Unpleasant? Well, yes. But it’s also a means of drawing on your support network and exploiting your own ego. Nobody wants to be seen as somebody who went back on their word, and couldn’t keep a promise. And if you do give in and decide to play on that Xbox – won’t your followers have something to say? After all, you did claim you were studying, right?

Trend 2: Time Machine Chit-Chat

Feeling nostalgic for your younger years? TikTokers are reconnecting with their inner child, and talking …….


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