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Here are the most notable items our writers and readers came across in the past seven days…

The psychology of dangerous driving: “While our driving is broadly governed by laws, our cultural assumptions about what’s permitted also matter a great deal,” writes the author of this WaPo op-ed on why pandemic driving styles persist.

The time is now: Transportation reform advocates and elected officials must seize the opportunity to shift habits given this new AAA survey of drivers that says 59% are open to a lower-car lifestyle and a whopping 80% say high gas prices mean they’ll look to drive less.

Sports bras: Can’t wait to watch women’s cycling races at The Sports Bra, a new sports bar for women that’s set to open next month.

Quiet the noise: As someone who lives near a freeway onramp where people drive loudly, I am excited that Knoxville, Tennessee is piloting a noise enforcement camera at an intersection.

Mainstream media: Buzz (and some debate) is growing in cycling circles as Netflix embarks on a major film project that will follow several World Tour cycling teams.

Zoomstraced driving: America took another sad step in the march toward normalization of distracted driving when elected officials in St. Louis opposed a bill that would have banned councilors from using Zoom while driving during officials meetings.

Oil tax: Instead of reducing the price of gas like California Governor Gavin Newsom wants to do, Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley shared a better idea on Twitter last week: A tax on oil companies and a rebate to people to spend on fuel. Better yet would be if folks could spend that rebate to purchase an EV!

E-bike incentives: Speaking of an EV rebate, anyone interested in Oregon’s effort to pass an EV incentive bill in 2023 should read this excellent policy piece from People for Bikes that includes comments from Portland-based researchers.

About those e-bikes: What will come of all the e-bikes people are buying that have motors and batteries that many local bike shops don’t want to work on?


Source: https://bikeportland.org/2022/03/14/the-monday-roundup-women-watch-parties-driving-psychology-zoomstraction-and-more-350220

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