(By Loyd Ford) Do you sell potential clients?

Really. Think about it. You’ve got a tough customer. Or you have an easy one that just ‘comes together.’ Did you make that happen or were you just in the right place at the right time?

Most sales leadership focuses on the psychology of the seller, but the psychology that really matters is that of the buyer, doesn’t it?

What is going on in the mind of the buyer has a lot more to do with you selling a product than what is happening with you. While research consistently shows that having a positive attitude helps sellers in both the process and in successful selling, after that you should focus almost exclusively on how the potential client feels, what they see, how easy the process is for them. If you don’t put in the effort in advance to know your client, you will show up like a rookie on opening day.

Know Thy Customer + Sell
If you don’t know your potential customer today, you have fallen behind before you begin. Things move so fast and so do your opportunities to get close to the decision-makers in your market.

Today you have more resources than ever to figure out ways to help potential clients, but you can also use so many resources on your smartphone to figure out the psychology of buyers, what is happening in a potential buyers industry and business and more. You also have access to more information about your potential clients because of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others. Use the resources you have to get inside the mind of your prospects.

The Process Should Not Be About You
Humans are selfish. All humans. Count on it and start with yourself. You are likely to subconsciously make the sales process all about you, your product or what is happening inside your company. That’s a mistake. Set yourself apart from all other sellers by making the process all about the buyer and giving them easy access to something they want. Like a great detective, your work is figuring out what potential clients really want and giving that to them.

Your challenge is almost always something …….

Source: https://radioink.com/2022/03/14/the-inside-of-sales-psychology/

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