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Marjorie Ramos, a Colombian Purdue University Global student, grew up with a mother passionate about learning English and an army officer father with war scars.

Seeing the mental and physical effects armed conflict had on him, she was spurred to study English and psychology. She even joined the Colombian Navy — for a different purpose.  

For 11 years, Ramos supported the mental health of the people who were risking their lives, their families and their health to protect their homeland. The importance of her role could not be understated — war is one of the leading causes of post-traumatic stress disorder and can lead to addictions which is not an uncommon thing. 


Today, she’s studying psychology via an online degree by Purdue University Global (which is based in Indiana) because she can’t stand the thought of being away from her children. We caught up with her via email to learn more about her passion for psychology, her time in the navy and the advice she would give her younger self:

Tell us about your passion for psychology and your experience in witnessing the effects of the war on your father.

I decided to study psychology when I finished high school back in 1997. I’ve been in love with my career since my college days at Pontifical Xavierian University in Colombia. 

I’ve never stopped being a scholar and a practitioner as I always had a knack to learn and be more involved in the psychology community. This includes working in different conventions, organisations, and associations. 

My first thesis in my college was about a case of anorexia nervosa with animal-assisted therapy. I did an internship in the US at the United Cerebral Palsy in Manhattan for about a year. There, I worked with adults and children as a case manager and service coordinator with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. 

I went back to my country to work as an officer of the Colombian Navy after that. I worked there for 11 years before I began my job as a psychologist with a military population. I was influenced to do this by my father because of his experience in the army. 

I saw …….


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