Study Break: Meet a Psychology Major – The College Today

Name: Alex Katsikaris

Hometown: Athens, Greece

Major/year: Junior in the Honors College, majoring in psychology

What CofC organizations you have been involved with?

  • Tutor and mentor for the REACH Program
  • International Student Ambassador

CofC awards or honors: College of Charleston Dean’s List for Academic Excellence

Junior psychology major Alex Katsikaris.

Why did you choose the College of Charleston? I knew from the moment I stepped foot on the campus that the College of Charleston was where I belonged and where I wanted to develop as a student, but, most importantly, as a person. The city is beautiful, the people are happy and the opportunities in terms of jobs or internships are endless. The environment also really reminds me of my home back in Greece and that is a very special feeling to me. CofC always felt right.

What drew you to your major? The human mind, as well as our patterns of behavior and thought, have always fascinated me. I want to dive deeper to understand what a person’s day-to-day might look like in terms of their perceptions or thoughts and how it differs from my own. In my opinion, better understanding of these factors is a big first step in being able to build a better connection with individuals that struggle with psychological disorders like autism, schizophrenia or dementia, among others. My main goal is to expand my knowledge regarding disorders and conditions related to the brain, learn how to utilize this knowledge effectively and hopefully become helpful to individuals that seek assistance.

What’s your favorite location on campus and why? Although there are many spots I love throughout the CofC campus, I would have to say my favorite location is the Cistern. Not only is it a beautiful setting, but it is also a reminder of our goals and aims as it is the location where graduation ceremonies are held.

What’s the most surprising thing about your CofC experience so far? Although this might …….


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