Students: Participate in a Psychology Study, Get Your Flu Shot, and a $25 Gift Card – University of Arkansas Newswire

Participants needed for a study examining the effects of the immune system on social perception. People’s immune system is activated when they are sick or experiencing a stressor, and recent research suggests that it affects people’s social behavior as well. In their daily lives, people often have to make important decisions regarding hiring and promotions while they are sick or stressed. Thus, it is important to figure out how the immune system affects people’s thought processes about other people. As part of this study, participants will be given the flu vaccine to temporarily activate their immune system.

Current University of Arkansas students between the ages of 18 and 40 are potentially eligible. People who already got this year’s flu shot are not eligible to participate. People who have had adverse reactions to the flu vaccine or other vaccines in the past should not participate in the study. People who have diagnosed illnesses that suppress their immune system functioning should not participate in the study. All participants will go through a phone screening to check eligibility.

Participants will get a flu shot at the Pat Walker Health Center and then will complete a 1.5-hour long Zoom session with a research assistant the next day. During this Zoom session, participants will complete tasks and questionnaires about social perception. Participants will also have an opportunity to help provide feedback to students who are working on developing good job interview skills. Participants will be asked to provide two saliva samples that will be used to examine their immune system activity before and after getting the vaccine (you will pick up the tubes at Memorial Hall but will provide the sample at home, then you will bring it back).

All participants will receive $25 for participation. The research team will also cover any costs of getting the vaccine not covered by participants’ insurance or the entire cost of the flu vaccine appointment if the participant does not have insurance.

If you are interested, please fill out the Interest Form or email [email protected] if you have any questions about the study.


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