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When people think about the strategy casinos use in order to generate bigger revenues, they tend to overlook the large impact slot music can have on the human mind. Regardless of the platform or format, the music played during a slot game has been proven to shape the performance and general mood of players in various ways.

How casino sounds influence the gambler’s subconscious

Most casinos use enchanting music to lure customers towards the slot machines, so they get to stay and gamble for as long as possible. Studies show that the soundtracks used as background music in slot machines tend to significantly influence the player’s perception of the machine.

Further research shows that casinos use popular music to target their audience, aiming to stimulate impulsive gambling behavior in their customers. Scientists show a great connection between the atmosphere created through music and the buyer intent. It turns out that ambience music does encourage customers to spend more when gambling on slot machines.

The constant sounds that can be distinguished in-between the music played in casinos are usually money falling into the payout tray or sounds played when one hits a winning combination. The choice of the background sounds is no accident – it’s all part of the casino’s strategy of determining players to spend more.

The background sounds used by casinos are meant to create the impression that winning occurs more than losing. They are meant to emphasize the feeling that a winning line is near, so the players should keep gambling.

This kind of induced behavior can become extremely problematic, causing real distress in the mind of the customers who keep on losing while winning sounds surround them.

Most gamblers tend to associate the quality of a slot game with the quality of the music and sound effects it provides. Some players will choose a specific game based solely on its auditive power to create a certain atmosphere that thrills or – on the contrary – soothes them.

When designing a game, developers try to make music into a distinctive feature of the specific slot that players will remember, which facilitates further gambling in the future.

An excellent example is the case of the Red Tiger Gaming, which uses a rather unique guitar sound when users are placing …….


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