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LIKE all countries, Singapore also faced problems of mental health during coronavirus pandemic. The mobile phone addiction has taken larger space in every individual’s life.Though countries have come out of lockdown, the problem of ‘bonding with mobile phones’ continues to haunt. Singapore Government has taken this problem seriously and started finding the ways to get rid of it. As part of those efforts, recently Singapore’s organisation OSNIC which has members from all the strata there has tied up with Nagpurbased Central India Institute of Psychological Sciences (CIIPS). The Institute is expected to train the trainers in S i n g a p o r e about cyber psychology. “If one looks around a group of people, one would find most of them are busy with their cell phone. This addiction has an impact on regular work. It has not only brought down the individual’s performance but it has also affected the quality of production. In 2021, our Government observed that stress, anxiety was on rise. In my region of operation in civil aviation, I found people are suffering from mental stress. We thought of holding stress management programmes at workplaces and suddenly the name of Prof Raakesh Kriplani, the expert in Cyber Psychology came to my mind. We approached him and he readily agreed to do the honour,” narrated Dr Anupreet Sekhon, Vice-President, Asia Pacific Commercial Aviation, Singapore while talking to Dr Anupreet Shekhon, Vice President, Asia Pacific Commercial Aviation, Singapore during his Nagpur visit interacted with members of VED, NVCC. He had also addressed students of Gaikwad Patil Group of Institutions. The business bodies asked Dr Anupreet whether Singapore would come up with some concrete projects? Dr Anupreet said, “We have not decided yet. But we can plan to do something like tapping opportunities, bringing new ventures in aviation, educational institutions, and general commercial businesses.”


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