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As soon as the clock struck 12, Ankit (name changed) pressed the share button on his phone. In a few seconds, all his friends on the other end of Instagram, now knew how much he loved and missed his partner, his girlfriend, his Valentine. 

“I miss you. Hope to see you soon My Valentine,” he writes on a throwback slow-mo video of his partner flipping her hair in the wind and looking at him with a loving gaze. 

Stationed in a different city than his partner, he’s gone the extra mile to ensure that his feelings are conveyed perfectly and added the tunes of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” in the backdrop. 

February 14 is celebrated as a day for couples to declare their love for each other, but why is it important for the world to see the love that is meant to be shared between the two of them? Why does romance that is supposed to be a very intimate and personal emotion, require a public exhibition?

Ankit could have simply professed his love over a personal call to his partner — the only person who really matters in this equation, and he did.  Then, why this need for an additional public declaration?

He says it is just one of the many ways to make his partner feel special and celebrate their love with the world.

Ankit says, “Through a social expression of love you let the world know how important this other person is to you. And in the process it also makes your partner feel more confident about the relationship.”

A 2020 study that looked at people’s need for “showing off” their relationships on social media said that the action was often motivated by a need to feel more connected to their partners, and to announce to the world (repeatedly) that they were taken.

The study hinted that it was a way for couples to reassure themselves and the world of the romantic stability in their relationship. It is for the same reason, perhaps that individuals make their relationship status on Facebook public, and if it is not, a quick scroll through an individual’s profile is enough to figure that out. 

Showing love online was often motivated by a need to …….


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