SEATTLE, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Job loss or career change. Health challenges. Family, Relationship and Financial struggles. The country is still undergoing an enormous challenge, on so many levels, due to the pandemic. But there is a resource to help the nation through the most difficult chapter in life and beyond.

 A new book, SEEN AND [UN] HEARD: A Little Girl’s Journey From Silence to Empowerment (Authors Unite 2021, Trade Paper, 98 pages $19.95; ISBN: 9781951503383), provides an insightful roadmap for anyone in a major life event who feels that life will never be normal, are turning on a hamster wheel of perpetual anxiety, stress, fear and confusion, or simply just stuck in a holding pattern of mediocrity.

“If any of this sounds like your story, know that you are not alone regardless if you are a victim of circumstance or a participant. And, if you feel hopeless like I did, always know that anything is possible and you are now, and always have been worthy of living the life you love,” states author/motivational and confidence coach, Patricia Love.

Patricia Love knows firsthand, having experienced a number of life-changing events that temporarily put her on a self-destructive path for years until she finally took charge. Currently, she is living a successful, inspiring and happy life despite suffering major setbacks and unexpected events in her early to mid-adulthood, in her career and relationships. Patricia tells an intimate memoir of her life- a little girl’s journey from silence to empowerment. Feeling seen and (un) heard for most of her life, Patricia courageously shares how she was able to navigate a life of mental abandonment,  abuse, addiction, trauma, and ultimately, find her power and self-worth to create a new story.

SEEN and [UN] HEARD’s messages will inspire and empower those ready to:

  • Discover 6 Little Life Changing Words- Acknowledgment, Forgiveness, Mindset, Accountability, Perseverance, Gratitude
  • Look at the areas of their life where they may be settling
  • Build confidence to harness and take back power and control
  • Realize it is time to heal, re-write a new story and begin a new chapter


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