Psychology Professor Explains Why Furries Are So Unhappy About Lindsay Lohan’s Fursona –

The art in question.

I’ve never seen a group of people so unanimously in agreement as the furry fandom as they expressed collective dismay over Lindsay Lohan shilling for canine NFTs.


In case you missed the news last week: Lindsay Lohan — yes, the actress — tweeted that she’s teaming up with a company called Canine Cartel that mass-generated 10,000 drawings of anthropomorphic dogs and is now selling them on an NFT marketplace. On Friday, Lohan tweeted a drawing of … I guess it’s meant to be her? As a dog? … which sold at auction for around $4,700.

So what’s the problem? Well, furries have for the last few decades created and stewarded an entire culture around anthropomorphic art, and their sensitive noses can smell disaster all over this project.

“There are three or four big reasons that made this a perfect storm of bad ideas,” says Dr. Courtney Plante, an associate professor of psychology at Bishops University and cofounder of FurScience, a team of scientists who study the furry fandom.

For one thing, he says, furries tend to be environmentalists, and the energy inefficiency of NFTs makes them particularly unattractive to the fandom.

But beyond that, he says, within the fandom there’s a taboo around “the idea of creating a fursona purely for selling it off… it would be like, ‘can I buy your name off of you?’”

Within the fandom, few things are as sacrosanct as fursonas — that is, the roles that one inhabits when interacting with others, or even just when imagining oneself. Think about the care that we all tend to take when setting up any social media account, or dating profile, or a post; we’re all wearing some form of drag when we’re online, and furries have developed strong social norms around fursonas.

For example, choosing a species, a look, and a name is recognized as a particularly personal act. Crediting artists is mandatory. Stealing someone else’s fursona is unthinkable. The idea of buying a fursona on a whim is completely baffling. In part, that’s because fursonas are typically imbued with numerous small indicators of personal significance, Dr. Plante says — details like jewelry or markings on the fur.

Lohan’s fursona is notably lacking in the …….


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