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Among the plethora of thrillers about American serial killers, in which Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most heinous monsters of the late 80s, Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan brought him to the Netflix screen in the most gore and gruesome way possible. Even after Jeffrey Dahmer is a widely studied and filmed character, Murphy’s Dahmer doesn’t differentiate the portrayal of the killer till its sixth episode, when it takes a twirl to show the truest side. After loads of sympathy towards Dahmer and his behavioral disturbances, you will find out how your sympathy would make him invincible, overshadowing his misdeeds. Therefore, it’s justified to turn the page while you’re stuck on a one-way track. Dahmer is just a detour for that. It will slowly burn with the killer’s mental turmoil and end up showing the best justice that he could deserve. But most of the show will have you furrowing your brows as you watch the rise and fall of Dahmer’s character and his finely veiled musings depicted on screen. All studies on Dahmer have done so. Where the crux of the issue is still in a blur, we can see the warning signs and the cry for help in the series. Keeping that in mind, let’s see what’s inside of this wrecked psyche that Murphy and Brennan have shown in their latest thriller show.

Trigger Warning

The Predatory Grip: How Did A Superficial Charm Hunt The Victims Down?

A sepia-toned filter is everything to make you feel eerie, especially when it’s a matchbox apartment where the neighbor, Glenda Cleveland, is complaining about the rotten smell coming from her vent. Jeffrey Dahmer, in the next apartment, chopping someone’s body or cooking is something that you already know, but the presentation is grotesque. When we entered the room, the dim yellow light and raunchy belongings would tell us the hellish actions that Dahmer had committed. When the neighbors cannot keep calm in a smelly periphery, then it doesn’t even bother Jeff. He walks away steadily without moving his hands, like a man on a mission. There’s a gay bar outside in Milwaukee where he hunts for his victims, but rather with a “lover” look on his face. He …….


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