Heritage crafts have been deep in Egyptian civilization since ancient times, It is one of the most important means of artistic expression for the timeless cultural products presented by the Egyptian artist through the ages, there is no line immortalized in Egyptian history, but you may see the heritage crafts as an integral part of this great history of Egyptian art

The methods of product makers or manufacturers and craftsmen have varied through the ages and artisans are reshaped according to the needs of society for transformation and change in its popular culture,

The heritage crafts in Egypt are a cultural and cultural stock in practice and theory and a popular heritage since ancient times, heritage crafts have features in the performance of the movement inside or outside the workshop, each human activity contains a certain aspect of the performance of the movement, whether in art or otherwise and it is worthwhile to master or have a grasp of these creative activities whatever field he performs

We point out that the concept of performance in its general sense to the human behavior or artistic performance carried out by the performer instead of artistic a particular art of the arts.

In Cairo, artisans in all their fields keep up with their daily life, and the popular artist’s workshop is a social arena, such as theater, movie halls, television, and social media channels, but there are groups of people who communicate with each other, from the merchant of raw material, textile, wood or copper, to the seller of the handmade number used in the craft.  And the seller of fava beans and falafel and the seller of pedlars of tea and coffee and the recipient of these arts from tasters and consumers, the artist himself and those who work with him inside the workshop as well as the man who sprays or burns incense instead in the workshop.

The kinetic performance of heritage crafts is important for all researchers in this field since it is constantly renewed and produced by artisans whether to restore part of it in a cultural product, or through what they learned from their parents in the craft, and the performance of the movement is a skill acquired by artisans and develops over time and generations progression  through observation, experience and simulation …….

Source: https://see.news/psychology-of-movement-performance-in-heritage-crafts-ha/

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