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The British Psychological Society and University of Gloucestershire are delighted to bring “Psychology in the Community” to Cheltenham.

Psychology in the Community is a free to attend, public event in which we aim to bring a slice of Psychology to all.

Join us at the Frog and Fiddle on Thursday 24th February between 6pm and 8:30pm, where we hear from two inspiring speakers who share their stories.

For more information about the speakers and what to expect from their talks, please visit the programme tab.

18:00 Event start
18:15 First Speaker
19:00 Break
19:15-19:30 Second Speaker will begin
20:15 Event ends

There will be time for questions and discussion with the speakers, plus time to meet with them (and fellow members of the public) before, during and after the event.


Carl Jones – Speaker on Mental Health

Some people just need to slap. During his long career in uniform, on the very thin blue line, Carl Jones dealt with many people who were in their own moments of absolute crisis. Years and years of constantly dealing with them wore him down, up until one incident when he was faced with a gun wielding suspect. This was the final straw that broke the camel’s back, sending his into a 4 year tailspin. Carl’s talk is about giving people a good SLAP by providing a healing hand as the talk comes from his own personal experience.

It took years to rebuild his entire life and he had to do it all by himself. As a result, Carl has reassessed his view of how people mange friends, family and colleague who find themselves in a predicament. His belief is that society is at fault and this needs to change. A lack of understanding due to the unseen damage a trauma can cause needs to be addressed. He now trains and delivers his S.L.A.P. technique, changing people’s perception of mental health and the impact of trauma.

With some compassion and a small amount of understanding, he has witnessed instant change …….


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