To prepare for the upcoming Virtual Career and Internship Fair, the Grand Valley State University Career Center held two events this week that helped students perfect their resumes and understand the importance of internships. 

The first event this week, “How to Find an Internship,” took place via Zoom on Feb. 16. Career Advisor and Internship Specialist Rachel Becklin was the host of the event. She began by discussing the benefits of an internship and how to figure out the best time to complete one.

“There’s the professional development of getting experience and it’s a way to test it out,” Becklin said. “You can ask yourself, ‘Is this something I really want to do?’”

Many employers have different preferences for the experience levels of their interns. Becklin said students should begin searching for internships at least a semester before they are ready to complete one to ensure that the employer they’re interested in is looking for interns around their age and education level.

GVSU and the Career Center offer various virtual resources to aid students in their internship search. One of those resources is the Experience Matters page on the GVSU website, a virtual collection of internship and co-op experiences written by students. Resources like these can give students a sneak peek at what to expect when they complete their own internships.

“Another person’s experience could help you determine if you’d like to do a certain internship,” Becklin said. 

Handshake was another useful tool, Becklin said. The site can easily be overlooked by students, but the more they interact with it, the more accurate its job and internship recommendations become. Similar to Handshake in many ways, LinkedIn is another great resource for browsing jobs and seeing where other GVSU alumni are working.

Many students come to college with an idea of what job they want to pursue after graduation. More often than not, however, those same students end up in completely different roles than they expect. Part of finding a suitable job or internship is attending events like the ones put on by the Career Center.

“Be open-minded about different careers and events to attend,” Becklin said. 

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