Psychologist brings discussion of Adlerian Psychology and belongingness to SIUE – The Alestle

Marina Bluvshtein, the Director of the Center for Adlerian Practice and Scholarship at Adler University, presented Adlerian Psychology and the psychology of belongingness to SIUE, marking the second time Adlerian Psychology has been discussed on campus since 1968 when Rudolf Dreikurs presented it.


During the lecture, Bluvshtein talked about the importance of belonging, the origins of the ideas of Alfred Adler and Dreikurs as well as how Adlerian Psychology differs from other branches of psychology.


Adlerian Psychology, named after Alfred Adler, focuses on psychotherapy and the effort people make to make up for inferiority they find and see in themselves, which to Bluvshtein represents a lack of belongingness. 


In comparison to the other branches of behavioral psychology, Bluvshtein said Adlerian Psychology differs in how it looks at values. 


“Adlerian Psychology is values first, and it’s first and it’s last and it’s everything in between. We don’t do it without values,” Bluvshtein said.


In describing belongingness, Bluvshtein said that belongingness should not be looked at through conventional means or through the literal definition of the word, but as something more.


“The true Belongingness is a feeling of oneness with the one who is the least like you, who is the least familiar to you, who is the least comfortable perhaps to sit next to you,” Bluvshtein said. “The ultimate belongingness is not just indivisibility between you and the [person] next to you, between you and your family or you and you city, your town, class or university, but ultimate belongingness — it is indivisibility between you and humanity,” Bluvshtein said.


Bluvshtein said a lack of belongingness is present in mental illness, personality disorders and social issues, including depression.


“Impaired sense of belongingness is visible on many levels depending on the type or severity of depression. …….


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