Prerana Kambam plays psychology teacher in her new film – Times of India

TV actress Prerana Kambam is slowly making inroads into Sandalwood, having signed up for Physics Teacher. Sumukha, who plays the lead role, is also the director of the movie. Actors Mandya Ramesh and Rajesh Nataranga will be seen in significant roles.

Prerana, who started her career by acting in the television serial, Ranganayaki, says of the film: “I play the role of a psychology teacher, Jalaja, who loves creating an environment where students, the future of the country, can question. It is a suspense thriller with scientific elements, but that doesn’t mean the subject is going to be preachy.”

The actress, who has begun shooting from Thursday, will also be seen in a pivotal role in Pentagon. “The makers don’t want me to divulge details about my character as it would reveal the plot. It is a role which is in complete contrast to my role in Physics Teacher.”


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