Pandemic Precarity Exposes Need for New Psychology of Work – Mad in America

Thank you Rebel. I back “your choice”. Your “choice” is beautiful.

I really must GO and leave the comments section as I want to go into retreat and prioritize my health. But before I leave I just want to shower the metaphorical philosophical breadcrumbs from off my apron as a last gesture from my playful fussiness…..

I shall use the word “you” generically now, as in the abstract anyone.

In synchronious use, yesterday I wrote that exact bible quote mentioned on judgement. It is a powerful quote for our current decade where everyone is scrutinizing the motives of everyone else. All scrutinizing of stranger’s motives comes from “fear”, not so much of who they are, they are probably innocent and harmless and doing nothing grevious. Rather it is fear of “who they could become in future” if their “free choices” are not trampled over by “logical” adherence to “right choices”.

Lots of anger is being meted out to persons in case they “become xyz”.
It is not even anger at “who they are”.
But this outrageous controlling by the angry then “causes” a terrified need to equally be angry, at being so controlled. Until the whole world is full of the angry who do not like where your “free choices” MIGHT lead you. Who your own “freedom” MIGHT make you become next year or the year after.

The fearful scrutinizers think that if they muscle everyone to make “right choices” then the world will know peace by having only the “right people” in it. Not the “wrong people”.

But since “feelings” inspire your individual “free choices”, and since “feelings” cannot be “right” or “wrong”, just like bodily breathing or eating or belching and dreaming cannot be deemed “right” or “wrong” then there are no “right choices” as such or “wrong choices”.

There is only loving or bullying.

Bullying is unacceptable and comes from not having contact with the feelings that tell you via empathy that the other creature is suffering by having their “free choices” stripped from them.

Love is an indication of having great access to feelings.
Bullying is the illness that occurs through having no access to feelings.

Many factors can cause that. There is abdolutely nothing “wrong” with wanting to choose to …….


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