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A new partnership with Bushnell University has opened the opportunity for UCC psychology majors to complete their bachelor’s degree in Douglas County.

UCC faculty, along with faculty from Bushnell University, were concerned that there was no way for a student with an AAOT earned at UCC to finish their degree without making an arduous commute. Ryan Melton, Ph.D, the associate dean of psychology and counseling at Bushnell, was empathetic to this struggle because he himself lives in Roseburg and makes the commute to the Bushnell campus in Eugene. Melton reached out to UCC President Rachel Pokrandt, and the new psychology program was created.

Bushnell University will operate out of Jackson Hall starting in the 22-23 school year.
Peyton Manning / The Mainstream

Bushnell University, located in Eugene, is a Christian university which offers a major in psychology and religious studies. As stated on the Bushnell University website, “Here, students answer God’s call in their lives and prepare to make a positive difference through career, family, church, and community.” The school also boasts a 97% degree completion rate within four years.

This new program will require students to apply for admission to Bushnell University because it is the entity furnishing the degree. Students may be required to adhere to Bushnell’s code of conduct, which includes rules for the content of social media accounts. Any student involved with the program should be careful to review these agreements beforehand, as they would with any code of conduct they are bound to.

The program will be administrated primarily by Bushnell staff traveling to teach at UCC’s campus. If UCC faculty wishes to participate in the program as instructors, they are required to become adjunct professors of Bushnell. This means they will need to sign a declaration of Christian faith, and have the required credentials to teach at a four-year university.

Georgann Willis has been working with Bushnell University to create the new bachelor’s program at UCC.
Photo provided by Georgann Willis

If students are interested in the program and agree with Bushnell’s faith-based mission, starting in fall term of 2022, UCC students who have completed their AAOT with a psychology pathway will be able to enroll in the new program to earn the remaining 62 credits needed for a bachelor’s degree in psychology. …….

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