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Hetty Kartra quit her high-paying job to become a monetisation coach.

She was earning well as an investment banker, doing great in her career and also running a side hustle retail business that was nicely supplementing her income.

But when the Covid-19 lockdown started in 2020, Hetty Kartra quickly realised that things were about to change. So she revaluated her career choices.

The now full-time entrepreneur who has rebranded herself as a monetisation guru for digital creators and businesses talks to Drum about how deeply linked our psychology about money is to our ability to manifest what we want to achieve.

This was an insight she first discovered for herself as the pandemic battered the world economy, bringing many businesses to a standstill.

“In the first 21 days of lockdown, I sat down and asked myself am I going to change direction in terms of my career?” Hetty says.

She knew she wanted three things: to be an entrepreneur online, provide some form of mentorship and have a business that would allow her to travel when she wanted to. And that’s how she came up with her online business where she eventually became a monetisation guru.

“I started off teaching people about monetisation on Instagram live, and eventually did a masterclass, and from that a full-on agency grew, where we coach and mentor other business coaches, content creators and businesses about monetisation.”

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Becoming a full-time entrepreneur wasn’t easy, but after Hetty quit her corporate job to run her retail business, she learned many lessons she now applies to her monetisation guru work. One of those lessons was self-discipline.

“My corporate job had great pay and gave me a great team to work with and it gave me a routine and structure, but when I quit and focused on my business, I realised I had no routine to give me some sort of structure to look forward to unless I created one for myself,” says the Tedx speaker who’s one of the Mail & Guardian Top 200 Youth South Africans. “I had to have discipline, otherwise my business would fail.” 

With 2022 just beginning, some people are creating vision boards …….

Source: https://www.news24.com/drum/inspiration/mystory/normalise-conversations-about-salary-hetty-the-entrepreneur-on-money-coaching-and-psychology-20220309

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