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WHEN having an important conversation with someone, we all hope that it flows in a way that benefits us.

Whether you are trying to get someone to trust you or tell you the truth, there are a few useful hacks you can incorporate into everyday convos to keep things running smoothly.


A psychology expert shared his science-backed conversation tricksCredit: tikok/@austy_j


He revealed a clever way to tell if someone likes youCredit: tikok/@austy_j

A psychology expert named Austin, who goes by @Austy_J on TikTok, said there are three sneaky psychology hacks that will work on anyone—and the first can help you determine if your crush reciprocates your feelings.


According to Austin, there’s an easy way to find out if a person you’re talking to likes you.

“Pick a word when they’re talking, and smile and nod every time they use it.

“If they like you, they’ll start to use it more and more.”

They want to see you smile!


Whether you’re talking to a coworker or an adult that you just want to impress, it can be frustrating to feel like they aren’t taking you seriously.

Austin said if you want someone to take what you’re saying more seriously, it will help to tell them that your father, mother, or any parental figure told you about it.

“People inherently trust parental advice.”


His final trick serves to sort of call someone out for making up too many excuses.

“When someone gives you an excuse for something, stay quiet.

“They’ll end up talking themselves into a corner and lose confidence in their own story.”


He also said there’s a way to make someone stumble when coming up with an excuseCredit: tikok/@austy_j

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