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The psychology paper for Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) students was termed by most as an easy one, providing a sigh of relief to students, who walked out satisfied.
Talking to TOI, students of RS Mundle Dharampeth Arts and Commerce College said the exam was simple and based on concepts and value-based questions. Ayushi Nilhare said, “Everything asked was straightforward and I could easily understand the questions. Sticking to the textbook and reading it thoroughly helped me a lot.”
Umag Sahu said reading the book and key points helped a lot. “The value-based questions were more about writing the psychology theory and the concept behind it. I am satisfied and hope to score well,” Sahu added.
Trupti Chani found the exam to be a mixed bag of simple and difficult questions. “The paper was easy when it was about answering in a sentence or two, but gradually became difficult with the questions on the application, descriptive answering and elaborating the exact concepts,” she said.
Sarita Khiladse said the exam went smoothly, adding, “The MCQs were not at all tough and the questions were easy to answer. The only thing which I struggled with was my time management, as the answers were quite long.”
Sharing a similar opinion, Mansi Dewari said, “The exam was easy, but very lengthy to solve. The paper asked to write short and brief notes on psychological concepts, explain symptoms of disorders and describe various value-based situations and assess the same.”
Yash Rane found the exam tough and “not so smooth”. He said, “Despite solving question banks and reading the book, the questions were not that easy. Since the exams were offline, classes should have been offline too. I managed to explain the concepts and attempt the paper in a decent manner, but am still uncertain about the exam being easy.”
(Reporting by Vaishnavi Iyer)


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