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Here’s a confession: I have been avoiding painting my living room for years. Even with new furniture or decorative accents, I convinced myself that the not-so-chic color of my walls (something possessed me to agree to light-peach paint) could be remedied with low-lift upgrades. I bought huge art prints and even created a gallery wall to hide the color. The warm tint made my space feel cluttered and frankly, outdated, even after rearranging the room and purchasing new furniture. So, when Tash Bradley, Lick’s Head of Interior Design, reached out to me offering a color consultation, I jumped at the opportunity.

Lick offers a thoughtfully curated collection of high-quality paints and wallpapers to suit every personality—not to mention endless inspiration, community, and in-depth consultations on how to paint your home in a color that fits your style and isn’t an eyesore to your guests.

The UK brand grew in popularity when it first launched during the pandemic. With everyone stuck indoors, all you could pretty much do was watch paint dry—so it’s no surprise that many folks were inspired to update their home’s color palette. Luckily, Lick has since made its way to the U.S., so my living room makeover can officially happen!

“Decorating can be very daunting,” Bradley, a trained psychologist (who happens to be married to the brand’s cofounder, Sam Bradley)—admits. “Our main aim is to make decorating very enjoyable, accessible, and easy. We help you along your entire journey. I want our decorators to feel excited about being able to transform their house into a home they love.”

Bradley’s specialization in color psychology is the core of the brand’s mission: to help you understand how colors affect a place. “It’s not just about saying, ‘Pick this white paint.’ We have to look at the color of your sofa and plants, and consider your lifestyle to create a culmination of colors to spread in your home,” she explains.

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To begin the process, Tash and I hopped on a 30-minute FaceTime call for a walk-through of my home and to help her better understand my personality …….


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