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This guest post* provides some information about recent changes at two interdisciplinary journals, including one from which a previous editor resigned last year following a controversy surrounding a piece published in it. The authors are Lisa Bortolotti, professor of philosophy at the University of Birmingham, and Katrina Sifferd, professor of philosophy at Elmhurst University.

Developments at Philosophical Psychology and Neuroethics
by Lisa Bortolotti and Katrina Sifferd

In this post we update you on some exciting developments concerning two philosophy journals publishing interdisciplinary research: Philosophical Psychology (Taylor and Francis) and Neuroethics (Springer). Lisa Bortolotti is going to take up the editorship of Philosophical Psychology from January 2022, and will tell you about the new editorial team and her aspirations for the journal. Katrina Sifferd recently joined Adrian Carter, a neuroscientist, as co-editor of Neuroethics. Katrina will talk about their newly expanded editorial team and their hopes to publish papers on a wider range of topics related to neuroethics.


Philosophical Psychology remains committed to hosting a wide range of work at the intersection of philosophy and the psychological sciences but is getting a make-over next year, with a new editorial team, an updated editorial board, and some changes being implemented to the peer-review process. The journal considers for publication original research articles, commentaries on articles previously published in the journal, and book reviews.

Lisa Bortolotti (University of Birmingham, UK) will be the new Editor and she aims to increase the quality of published outputs and provide a faster turn-around for authors, with a first decision being made within three months of submission. She will ensure that all published work is reviewed moving forward: for editorials and book reviews, peer feedback will be sought from editorial board members; for original research papers (whether solicited or unsolicited), at least two independent reviews will be sought by experts in the area.

Lisa Bortolotti will be supported by four Associate Editors with complementary areas of expertise: Kengo Miyazono (Hokkaido University, Japan); Katherine Puddifoot (Durham University, UK); Anna Ciaunica (University College London, UK and University of Lisbon, Portugal); and Pablo López-Silva (University of Valparaiso, Chile). There will also be two dedicated book review editors: Mary Carman (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa); and Lauren Saling (RMIT University, Australia). All the …….


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