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A woman claims this simple eye trick will leave your crush stunned.

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TikToker Sophie-Rose Lloyd went viral back in 2021 when she shared her clever method for wooing her prospects. She dubbed the dating hack the “psychology love eye trick.” All you have to do is look at your crush a certain way, and allegedly, their heart will go pitter-patter.

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What is the “psychology love eye trick” on TikTok?

The influencer insisted that if you look at your crush’s left eye for one second, then their lips for one and a half to two seconds, then finally their right eye for one second — it’s like casting a love spell.

Lloyd added that the technique might not work on total strangers or in a group because it might be too distracting. It’s likely to be effective one-on-one with someone you already have a mutual connection with or at least have interacted with before.

She also emphasized it’s important to do it when the person is talking to you rather than when you’re speaking, so your crush is looking right at you.

“I can guarantee that if done with the right person at the right time, they will literally be like, ‘what?!’ I’ve done this with people I’ve liked,” Lloyd explained. “I’ve done it with my best friend just to see if it works, and it definitely does.”

Does the “psychology love eye trick” actually work?

According to experts, the method sort of works a tiny bit. Prolonged eye contact can “increase attraction and passion in individuals,” psychologist Rachel MacLynn told Newsweek.

Relationship expert Tina Wilson also reiterated this point to the publication, saying, “Holding a gaze with someone you are interested in can create a powerful connection and helps to build trust.”

Body language can go a long way in fostering connections with your partner, but it’s not going to make anyone instantly fall in love with you.

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