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04 Mar 2022 — Ingredion’s most recent global growth report, “Harnessing the Psychology of Clean Label to Deliver Business Value,” gives recommendations to F&B industry members on stimulating business through consumer psychology. It details three stages of brand transformation and development for formulators to increase consumer trust and brand value.

They include: Clean Label Newcomer, Clean Label Explorer and Clean Label Advocate. The report elaborates on each stage, and indicates how to take a brand to the next level.

In addition to launching its new growth report, Ingredion has released its Clean Label Growth Assessment tool to help brands achieve their business and revenue goals.

The tool lets F&B formulators assess where they are in the process of becoming a clean label company. Companies who use the tool will then receive customized advice regarding how to increase their clean label credentials.

Ingredion’s latest report contains over two decades of research.Ingredion has launched a further tool called the Clean Label Business Opportunity Simulator, which was created to help F&B industry members discover the business value in transitioning to cleaner, simpler ingredients during formulation.

Daniel Haley, global platform lead of clean & simple ingredients at Ingredion says: “Understanding the psychology of clean label – the nuances, challenges and opportunities – has been Ingredion’s passion for over 25 years. Therefore, we couldn’t be better placed to help food and beverage formulators navigate and accelerate their journey to developing a clean label offering that meets both consumer needs and their commercial goals.”

A transforming clean label space
Haley says that today’s clean label ingredients are made to fulfill a greater range of performance and process tolerance needs, and businesses who want to grow their bottom line must partner with suppliers who take into account the full picture of product formulation. “To optimize results and improve speed-to-market, manufacturers should partner with suppliers who think holistically, not transactionally, and will advise which ingredients are most appropriate based on the overall project goals.”

At present, European and North American consumers have emerged as major markets for clean label products.

“Europe leaned into clean label early on, transitioning products over time to a majority share …….


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