From Turning Red to Encanto, animated movies which address child psychology and challenge parenting styles – Times of India

In the past few years, animated movies have taken a turn from the romantic and adventurous themes of fairy tales and settled into a much real world, with more relatable characters. This does not wash away the magic and fun-world of animated movies. Rather, it gives the creators a space to address issues which are crucial for the kids and their parents who are watching these films.

Earlier, fairy tales did not have much screen space for parents of the protagonist, or the protagonist being a parent. Either their mother was dead (Beauty and the Beast), or they had an evil stepmom (Cinderella) or were separated from their mother (Tangled).

Now the recent, much-loved films also have something in common – they’re about families, sometimes even extended families! These families are not picture-perfect. They are real and raw with their imperfections and we see most characters struggling to balance their relationships and going through struggles and challenges to understand each other.

Check out these amazing bunch of films you must watch with your kids. These confront our generational trauma and prejudices in tangible ways, with the required sensitivity while maintaining top-notch entertainment.


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