With a service found at no other college, students can now spill their guts at every bathroom in Lowenstein

With an increasingly larger number of people on campus, Fordham has found itself in a pickle. Thousands of students flooded the Lincoln Center campus, and after the last year and a half, more of them than ever are struggling with their mental health

While Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) at Fordham may be in operation, some students have found it difficult to relate to the staff available. “Frankly, they’re millennials,” one sophomore stated when asked about their experience at CPS. “And I don’t need to hear Harry Potter references while I cry about my trauma.”

Students’ mental health is important to Fordham — if a student drops out because of a mental health risk, the school could lose out on tuition. To address these issues, Fordham Lincoln Center has abandoned the idea of increased CPS funding and turned to its students. Last week, Lincoln Center rolled out a beta version of a program it hopes to launch on all three campuses. 

Starting Oct. 6, one can get free advice from a budding psychology major on the couches of the women’s Lowenstein bathrooms weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Only walk-ins are accepted for now, but this might change with the demand, as lines are already forming for consults parallel to the line for the bathroom.

Unlike contested armchair psychology, couch psychologists use knowledge they gained from their Introduction to Psychology class or TikTok, acting much like a good friend comforting you when you’re having a bad day. After some criticism about the couches in the bathrooms, this was seen to be the solution: an amateur psych practice. 

“It’s really genius,” Fordham College at Lincoln Center Dean Laura Auricchio said. “We have all these students searching for some help coping with friendship drama and actually having to study now that they’re in person, and this gives psychology majors something to put on their resume.”

Declared and undeclared psychology or pre-med majors were incentivized to apply for positions, but priority was given to “mom friends” for all majors.


Source: https://fordhamobserver.com/64751/opinions/fordham-spearheads-new-couch-psychology-practice/

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