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Ingredion has launched a new global growth report, titled ‘Harnessing the Psychology of Clean Label to Deliver Business Value,’ which details how food and beverage formulators can unlock a path to brand preference by understanding consumer psychology when it comes to product claims and ingredient listings, the hallmarks of Clean Label.

Comprising more than two decades of dedicated, proprietary research and experience at Ingredion, ‘Harnessing the Psychology of Clean Label to Deliver Business Value’ explores the three distinct stages of transformation and development required for food and beverage formulators to build trust with consumers for long-term brand value.

Daniel Haley, global platform lead – clean & simple ingredients at Ingredion, says: “Today’s consumers are more conscious about health and well-being. Even before the global Covid-19 pandemic began, consumers were taking control of their diet. However, now they are significantly more connected, informed and concerned about the impact of their purchase decisions—on themselves, their family and the environment. This focus on health and wellbeing is projected to catapult the global clean label ingredient market from $38.8bn in 2020 to a forecasted $64.1bn by 2025. But, with consumers expectations shifting to Clean Label, doing business-as-usual can see specific food, beverage and brand preferences shrink. Manufacturers and brands that do not embrace clean label within their strategies will see consumers both switch and pay more for alternatives.

 “Understanding the psychology of Clean Label – the nuances, challenges and opportunities – has been Ingredion’s passion for over 25 years. Therefore, we couldn’t be better placed to help food and beverage formulators navigate and accelerate their journey to developing a Clean Label offering that meets both consumer needs and their commercial goals.”

In addition to launching a new global growth report, Ingredion has also launched a Clean Label Growth Assessment. This has been designed to help food and beverage manufacturers assess where their business is on its Clean Label journey, and they will receive customised advice for advancing their business to the next stage of Clean Label growth. Additionally, the company has launched a Clean Label Business Opportunity Simulator, a tool designed to help food and beverage manufacturers understand the business value in switching to clean and simple ingredients.

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