Department of Psychology Student Spotlight: Morgan Todd – WKU News

Name: Morgan Todd

Major(s): Psychology (Forensic Psychology Concentration) and Arabic

Minor: Criminology

Class Status: Junior

Hometown: Russellville, Kentucky


Why did you choose the Forensic Psychology concentration?

I chose the Forensic Psychology concentration because I have always been interested in the minds of criminals and why they think the way they do. I have also been interested in how crimes have a long term impact on victims.


What experience(s) have you had during your years as a WKU student that have helped or is helping you prepare for a career after graduation?

Some classes that I have taken as a WKU student that are helping me prepare for a career after graduation are Psychology and Law and Introduction to Law Enforcement. These classes have provided me with a lot of ideas of which pathway I should take. This semester I have joined Dr. Baker’s PLEA Lab as a Research Assistant, which is also helping me prepare for a career after graduation. 


What do you hope to do after graduation?

After graduation I hope to attend graduate school and eventually pursue a career for the federal government. 


What advice do you have for future forensic psychology concentration students?

Students who are interested in the Forensic Psychology concentration at WKU should consider joining Dr. Baker’s PLEA Lab sometime during their undergraduate experience to prepare them for graduate school. 


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