Department of Psychology Student Spotlight: Loren Pedroli – WKU News

Full Name: Loren Pedroli 

Major: Forensic psychology  

Minors: Criminology, clinical and community behavioral health 

Class Status: Junior 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO


1. Why did you choose Forensic Psychology? 

I chose Forensic Psychology as my major because I had a strong interest in the relationship between human behavior and different aspects of the legal system. 

2.What experience(s) have you had during your years as a WKU student that have helped or is helping you prepare for a career after graduation? 

Many things at WKU have prepared me for life after graduation, such as listening to experienced guest speakers and taking classes that help me to establish a strong base knowledge in psychology that will help me in my later career. I also had the opportunity to attend a conference on campus for women in law, which helped me build connections with professionals and learn about the many career paths I could potentially follow.  

3. How have you applied what you are learning in the Forensic Psychology concentration?

The knowledge I have gained through my forensic psychology courses have helped me to reshape my belief system and gain a deeper understanding of individuals and different structures within society.  

4. What do you hope to do after graduation?

After graduation I plan on attending graduate school to earn a master’s degree in counseling or forensic psychology.  

5. What advice do you have for future forensic psychology concentration students?

The advice I would give to future students would be to attend guest speaker lectures. This is a great way to learn about specific career paths within forensic psychology, hear personal stories, and form connections with professionals in the community. 

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