Color Psychology for Behavioral & UX Design (Fall 2021) – StartUp HERE Toronto

Over 5 weeks, learn how to build more engaging websites, apps, and campaigns by mastering the essentials of Color Psychology for Behavioral & UX Design.

You’ll learn the physics and biology of light, color, and perception. Then you’ll learn the basics of behavioral design, essential neuroscience, and how colors shape emotion and behavior.

The class takes you through a series of design challenges, along with color psychology insights, to help you overcome each obstacle. With a focus on tech, we’ll stay grounded in digital media, marketing, data visualization, and AI and keep it all focused on tech-industry standards and future directions.

By the course’s completion, you’ll emerge a color psychology hero, ready for today’s interactive design challenges. You’ll understand the latest science and approach color strategies from a radically transformed perspective.

We’ll also help you evaluate color-psychology claims so you can avoid the nonsense claims from the blogosphere and build your visual strategies from the latest science.

We’ve even developed an entire CIELAB-compatible CSS color system, which you can use to carry out reliable color research and use to inspire your next design gig.


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