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1. Background

Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) is a nonprofit, non-partisan, non-religious medical relief organization, with a mission to provide lifesaving healthcare services and to revitalize health systems for underprivileged Syrian refugees, internally displaced persons, and vulnerable host community members in zones of conflict and displacement. This is done by implementing an integrated model of essential services that emphasizes priority needs, including the delivery of medical education, training, and financial support to physicians and other healthcare workers in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, and Iraq. Along with the provision of healthcare services and medical training, SAMS Foundation also implements mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) programs, as well as protection against gender-based violence (GBV).

With support from a donor, SAMS is exploring opportunities to provide advanced quality learning initiatives for a range of mental health cadres in northern Syria. This project will begin with a large-scale assessment of the MHPSS workforce and education needs across Syria, followed by the delivery of accredited master’s degrees and professional diplomas in fields that are most in need of qualified practitioners. Among other cadres, the project is expected to include programming in Clinical Psychology. The overall goal of this initiative is to provide local, long-term solutions for reducing barriers to MHPSS services while also providing individuals with improved access to professional education, employment and career advancement in a context where these opportunities have been disrupted.

2. Purpose and specifications:

SAMS is currently looking for a specialist in Clinical Psychology who can provide technical support on this project. While the geographic scope of this project is northern Syria, a solid understanding of the national framework (including the structure of Clinical Psychology programs in Damascus) will be critical. Ideally, the specialist will also have knowledge of Psychosocial Support and is expected to contribute to the initial needs assessment, review the proposed curricula for both fields, and assist in the project’s midline and end-line evaluations.

Needs Assessment: SAMS will first conduct a scoping study in order to gauge the feasibility of implementing the proposed academic programs in northern Syria. Among other things, this study aims to map the existing Clinical Psychology workforce in Syria, inform the development of education programs, address the equivalence of qualifications and portability of skills inside Syria, and identify points of complementarity with other programs as a means …….


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