Can Humanistic Psychology Shift How We Measure Mental Health? – Mad in America

Psyche is not humanism. Mental health is not care for the psyche. Mental health care is care for empty materialism without psyche.(monism) Care for the psyche is to see the essence and basic psychological/mythical worth of the depression, psychosis, death. Those are the the psychological necessities. Mental health is a naive whim of dumb marxists/wulgar materialists. Mental health care is worthless and cancels out the importance of the psyche. The basis of psychological life is death, not wealth, well’being or spiritual naivety. People should grow up from being a compliance “goyim”, and become a psychological man. You do not need science to understand psyche, just imagination and courage. Monistic society including psychiatry and people with mental health diagnosis are extremely naive. They are handicapped. This is a deliberate handicap for the benefactors of Marxism. Sheep – farm -electric shock.


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