Broderick Sawyer Unity Series: The Psychology of Racism – UMass News and Media Relations

Broderick Sawyer, PhD, is an activist, clinical psychologist, consultant, author, and meditation teacher in Louisville, KY. A dynamic speaker, teacher, and trainer of therapists, he specializes in helping historically oppressed populations unconditionally love themselves. He also teaches the psychology of oppression and compassion, as well as giving all people practical tools to improve their mental health hygiene and overall wellness. In addition to his training as a psychologist, he teaches using a combination of principles from Eastern philosophy, self-actualization, and liberation psychology.

During this session, Dr. Sawyer will discuss the mental and physical impact of racism, consider how our bias can implicitly and explicitly impact others, and how we can have more effective and equitable interactions with those who may differ from us.

Student Affairs and Campus Life (SACL) Support Session
 February 22 | 11:00am 
 Meeting ID: 910 9635 4914

Students of Color Support Session
February 22  | 7:00pm
Meeting ID: 932 3993 1966
Faculty/Academic Support Session
February 23 | 
 Meeting ID: 987 9936 7198
Student Government Support Session:
February 23 | 


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