Best Universities for Psychology in Japan, 2022 – CEOWORLD magazine

Psychology stands for basic knowledge and study about how the mechanism of the human body work. It is further divided into many mini fields which depend on the target and observation of research. There are lot many options in psychology such as criminal psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology, and many similar psychologies. Down below is a list of some of the best universities that are located in Japan that offer psychological courses and are well known.

  1. Tokyo Metropolitan University
    Tokyo Metropolitan University is the only university in the region that comprises 5 programs. The course covers topics like experimental psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, and lots like these which are introduced to allow candidates to do their research and study on not just one topic but a lot many. There is a different level of degrees in the university like the master’s level after which you can either be a part of a psychology program or they can also establish a clinical psychology program. The university also offers Pedagogy program in which it offers both theoretical and practical knowledge that is related to personnel development.

  2. Keio University
    At Keio university psychology major which is at the graduate level is based on experimental psychology and a basic outline similar to that. Students are given the choice of building creativity, problem-identification skills, and many similar traits. The university believes in the concept of not only teaching students from books or webinars but also helping them acquire techniques and methods that take place in the research processing. The students who pass the graduate level are asked to perform experiments by themselves other than just attending classes and webinars.

  3. The University of Tokyo
    This university is the national university of Japan and was founded back in 1877. The university focuses on the development of the students and gives more to talented people. It also aims at the betterment of the students by helping them in conducting analysis and research all by themselves. The university is further …….


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