Associate Professor in Work and Organizational Psychology job with NORWEGIAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY – NTNU | 280996 – Times Higher Education (THE)

About the position

The Department of Psychology has one to two vacant permanent full-time positions as associate professor in work and organizational psychology. The option to apply for promotion to a full professor post is available.

The Department of Psychology has a large and varied professional environment with broad competence within psychology. We offer a clinical program in psychology (program of professional study) and degree courses at bachelor, master and PhD level. The department’s master’s degree in psychology is offered with a specialization in work and organizational psychology. The department is involved in extensive research collaboration, both internally and with other research environments nationally and internationally.

As an associate professor at the Department of Psychology, you will be part of an active research environment with the goal of further developing the field of study. You have good collaboration skills and aim to create a good performance environment within the field of study. You are involved in lesson planning and ensure that quality is upheld when teaching bachelor’s and master’s degree courses, and the clinical program in psychology. At the same time, you are available for the students and provide academic guidance throughout the study programs. It is expected that you participate in the administrative tasks related to program coordination, courses, examination work, meetings and committee work.

Your immediate manager will be the head of department. 


  • Initiate and strengthen research and research dissemination within work and organizational psychology
  • Be a driving force to develop and further advance research projects and applications for research funding
  • Teach the subject of work and organizational psychology and related areas of instruction in the programs and courses the department offers
  • Give academic guidance to students taking a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or PhD in the field of study
  • Participate in the planning and execution of educational activities according to the applicable program description, and in work related to evaluation and further development of the field of study, education activities and relevant study program, including continuing and further education
  • It is expected that you take on an elected or honorary appointment for a period
  • Examination work
  • Administrative duties

The appointed applicant must comply with the …….


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