Agreement between UCC and Bushnell helps students earn psychology degree – KLCC FM Public Radio

A new agreement between Umpqua Community College in Roseburg and Bushnell University in Eugene will let UCC students earn a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

After finishing what’s called the Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree, students can stay in Roseburg to continue studies with Bushnell faculty on a Bachelor’s of Science track.

Georgann Willis, an associate professor of psychology at UCC, tolkd KLCC that this will help students who’d normally be unable to commute between the two campuses.

“By getting them to a Bachelor’s level, this sets them up for the next step, if they want to do a Masters in Social Work, or a Masters in Counseling,” said Willis. “It allows people to stay in place and continue to work and have their kids in school, and their spouses employed, while working towards these credentials that will allow them to have a better job, working with people.”

It’s hoped that this arrangement will improve staffing shortages of mental health professionals in rural areas.

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