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Even before Covid redefined the typical marketer’s business day, Zoom was increasing in popularity. Most people are aware that Zoom is a great tool, but most are also aware that it is inferior in many ways to good ol’ fashioned in-person communication. After a year and a half of most meetings and events occurring over virtual platforms like Zoom, Teams and Meet, many of us now have colleagues, friends or even doctors we’ve only ever seen on the screen.

Whether you’re trying to land new clients, work more effectively with a team or just get more out of virtual events, you might be wondering how you can better connect with people on these digital platforms. I was curious about how to maximize my usage, so I recently spoke with behavioral scientist Jon Levy, the founder of the Influencers Dinner and author of You’re Invited: The Art and Science of Cultivating Influence, and learned what he does to better connect with people over Zoom.

1. Find common ground by being authentic and vulnerable

It can be hard to remember that the person you’re talking to through the screen is multi-faceted — just like you. But if you try to be authentic and human instead of just a laser-focused professional, you give the other person an opportunity to see you from a multidimensional perspective.

Levy says that he always answers the question “How are you?” honestly, because doing so gives the other person an opportunity to put him in a new context: Say, someone who’s stressed because he’s having a long day or planning travel, or excited because his favorite team won last night. Now instead of just being a “supplier”, the person is also a sports fan, an adventure traveler and someone who cares about their work.

That’s not to say you should be negative or treat the other person like your therapist. However, you should still be human by signaling vulnerability. Being authentic brings your communication back to how you communicate in real life: an opportunity to connect as people instead of as part of a task-oriented event.

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2. Leverage the pratfall effect

In the past …….

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